Publication Ethics

The journal publishes original papers in the extensive field of Electrical-electronics and Computer engineering. To that end, it is essential that all who participate in producing the journal conduct themselves as authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers in accord with the highest level of professional ethics and standards. Plagiarism or self-plagiarism constitutes unethical scientific behavior and is never acceptable.

By submitting a manuscript to this journal, each author explicitly confirms that the manuscript meets the highest ethical standards for authors and coauthors

The undersigned hereby assign(s) to Balkan Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (BAJECE) copyright ownership in the above Paper, effective if and when the Paper is accepted for publication by BAJECE and to the extent transferable under applicable national law. This assignment gives BAJECE the right to register copyright to the Paper in its name as claimant and to publish the Paper in any print or electronic medium.

 Authors, or their employers in the case of works made for hire, retain the following rights:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyright, including patent rights.
  2. The right to make and distribute copies of the Paper for internal purposes.
  3. The right to use the material for lecture or classroom purposes.
  4. The right to prepare derivative publications based on the Paper, including books or book chapters, journal papers, and magazine articles, provided that publication of a derivative work occurs subsequent to the official date of publication by BAJECE.
  5. The right to post an author-prepared version or an of ficial version ( preferred version) of the published paper on an i nternal or external server controlled exclusively by t he author/employer, pr ovided that (a) such posting is noncommercial in nature and the paper is made available to users without charge; (b) a copyright notice and full citation appear with the paper, and (c) a link to BAJECE’s official online version of the abstract is provided using the DOI (Document Object Identifier) link.